Are CPAP Supplies Considered Durable Medical Equipment?

Are CPAP Supplies Considered Durable Medical Equipment?

CPAP machines and supplies are considered durable medical equipment. That means they may be covered by your health insurance. However, this coverage will vary by state, as well as provider.

What Is DME?

Durable medical equipment, or DME, includes equipment and supplies authorized by your doctor for at-home treatment of medical conditions. Some DME may be for a short-term injury or illness, such as crutches for a broken leg. Other DME can be used to treat long-term chronic conditions, such as CPAP machines for sleep apnea.

What Are the Items That Fall Under the DME Category?

Durable medical equipment includes, but is not limited to: CPAP machines, oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, and other respiratory supplies. These are just some of the items on a long list of equipment that meets the criteria of DME.

Will My Insurance Cover DME?

Generally, Medicare and Medicaid provide DME coverage. Medicare provides a list of covered DME, including CPAP machines, on their website. In addition, Medicare offers rules and requirements for coverage. For instance, your DME supplier must enroll in Medicare for you to receive coverage.

Private health insurance companies are not required to cover DME, so it’s important to check coverage with your provider. While they may cover DME, your particular plan may only cover certain items or provide only partial coverage. It is important to answer all of these questions prior to purchasing your equipment.

Prior to receiving your equipment, the insurance company will need you to provide a valid prescription from a licensed physician. Online retailers who don’t work with insurance companies, such as The Pro Air, still require a prescription to purchase equipment.

Where Can I Buy DME?

Durable medical equipment suppliers offer DME, such as CPAP equipment, online and through their supply stores. Some suppliers may even rent you equipment if your needs are only for short-term treatment, such as recovering from surgery.

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